Logica Beans Pvt. Ltd.

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  • Founded Date January 1, 1900
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Company Description

Logicabeans is a recognized glocal leader in offshoring IT Solutions and a critical component of Nepal’s largest FinTech company – F1Soft International Pvt Ltd. We are an R&D platform for our 12 sister companies. We take pride in our services while working with our clients and helping them with cutting edge development tools and techniques that are applied to multi-sectoral use cases. We are an innovation engine for fastest growing startups and a pioneer in cross-fertilizing bespoke across market boundaries like U.S.A, Australia, Netherlands, Singapore and Middle East regions catering the needs of global entrepreneurs.

Our ultimate aim is to commoditize the product innovation, process and post-concept. Any entrepreneur with access to seed funding ought to be able reach a minimum-viable product, and beyond. We make the process of experimentation and rapid prototyping affordable for entrepreneurs on tight budgets; and enhance output quality per dollar spend. We simply “do more with less”.